The Benefits of Full Contour Zirconia
  • November 4, 2019
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Here at pritidenta, we understand that when it comes to your zirconia blanks, you don’t want to sacrifice esthetics for durability and strength. And with our full contour zirconia solutions, you won’t have to. We offer a wide range of zirconia round blanks, all perfectly balanced, made from high-quality and high-purity powder, and German-engineered. 

In fact, our priti®multidisc ZrO2 pre-shaded zirconia materials deliver dependable results time and time again. Not only that, but they are simple to work with and can help you save both money and time, all while providing you with the esthetic results you expect using a material that’s trusted throughout the dental industry. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of full contour zirconia.

Benefits for Dental Clinicians

Full contour zirconia blanks from pritidenta offer significant advantages for dental technicians. Since they’re made from high-quality and durable zirconia, they are not subjected to the risk of chipping like porcelain. In terms of profitability, these reduced instances of chipping can decrease costly remakes, resulting in saved material and labor costs. Also, the current market price for precious metals is continually increasing. That, added to the low labor costs associated with zirconia, make it a viable and attractive option for dental laboratories around the globe. Additionally, zirconia offers ideal esthetic results and is a superior substitute for PFMs. 

Benefits for Dental Labs

Because pritidenta full contour zirconia comes already shaded and highly translucent, it requires very little finish work after it’s milled, usually only minor touch-ups and simple staining and glazing. This means less hands-on labor and a higher rate of productivity for your lab. Known as “white steel,” zirconia is strong and durable, allowing for a significantly lowered rate of chipping. This can help to decrease the need for stress and remakes. For instances where high esthetics requirements need to be met, a cut-back design can be used, and the final shape can be achieved by veneering porcelain onto the zirconia. 

Our priti®multidisc ZrO2 dental zirconia blanks can help your lab or practice revolutionize your business by saving money on materials and reduced labor costs, all using a trusted, high-quality product made through tried and tested German engineering. For more information on these substantial benefits and more, contact us today.

Achieve All 16 VITA Classical Colors With Ease Using Only 7 Color Variants
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Using Only 7 Color Variants

Looking for ways to preserve your inventory and save money on material costs? You can cover all 16 VITA Classical shades with only seven discs! Continue reading to learn how. 

priti®multidisc ZrO2

What is it?

priti® multidisc ZrO2 is our state-of-the-art zirconia CAD/CAM multicolor milling blank. It is now available in four different degrees of translucency, which are as follows:


  • Opaque (35% Translucency)


  • Translucent (40% Translucency)
  • Extra Translucent (45% Translucency)
  • High Translucent (49% Translucency)



Our High Translucent zirconia blanks offer a level of translucency that is comparable to what you might see in traditional glass ceramics such as lithium disilicate.

Why is it special?

With zirconia pre-shaded round blanks, you can save yourself a lot of time and effort. priti® multidisc ZrO2 is quick and easy to use, highly aesthetic, and can reproduce accurate shades at any time. Pre-colored materials do not require the time and effort of dipping, and drying restorations. German-engineered and made out of high-purity powder, you can expect exceptional milling results.

Reduce Costs by Preserving Inventory

With priti® multidisc ZrO2, you can save on material costs because you get a more versatile blank that is less susceptible to errors like chips, cracks, and miscoloring that can occur during the staining and milling process. Additionally, using pre-shaded sintering material protects from damage because acid-based liquid stains can emit harmful fumes while inside the sintering furnace. Contaminants from this process remain in the furnace and can cause undesirable results in future restorations as well as damage to the heating elements. 

Reduce Patient Chair Time

Less time and effort on your end means less chair-time for the patient receiving a restoration. With a sintering time of only four hours, you can expect fast turnover when you use priti® multidisc ZrO2 pre-shaded round blanks for dental restorations. The sintering process can begin promptly after milling is complete.

Learn More About priti® multidisc ZrO2

Are you interested in expediting your crown restoration process, reducing your material costs, and minimizing patient chair time? This article merely scratches the surface of this durable, versatile milling material. To learn more about priti® multidisc ZrO2 pre-shaded multicolor round blanks, contact pritidenta today!

How Zirconia Is Changing Our Industry
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Zirconium dioxide, also known as zirconia, offers dental professionals the greatest restorative potential in terms of materials available on the market today. While you are probably familiar with its ability and applications as a tough, white, and monolithic restorative material, there’s another emerging application for zirconia in the dental field. Newer generation, highly translucent and polychromatic zirconia is all the rage nowadays. 


Over the past several years, zirconia crowns have become more and more prevalent and their use as a monolithic restorative solution has risen drastically. Although much more aesthetic than 1st or 2nd generation zirconia offerings, the monochromatic and shaded zirconia lacked a life-like quality that would allow it to be used in the aesthetic anterior region as a monolithic material. Traditionally, cases in the anterior region would use a lithium disilicate ceramic or zirconia frameworks veneered with porcelain. 


Lithium disilicate and veneered porcelain possess inherent weaknesses that require special considerations in the tooth preparation, design, and production of the restorations. Advances in research and development of materials science at pritidenta have allowed us to create a new generation 5Y cubic-type zirconia that equals layered porcelain and lithium disilicate in aesthetics while also offering the material robustness and flexibility of zirconia. At pritidenta, we are proud to offer our multi-color, monochrome discs, and blocks for unsurpassed strength and aesthetics. Let’s take a look at what makes our latest zirconia offering the perfect choice for improving your patients’ smiles.

Zirconia: Not Just for The Posterior Region Anymore

Officially known as (5Y-PSZ), our priti®multidisc ZrO2 multicolor zirconia is the latest material of choice for the most vibrant and highest aesthetic value restorations. You can use priti®multidisc ZrO2 multicolor High Translucent to fabricate inlays, onlays, veneers, partial crowns, anatomically reduced and monolithic, fully anatomical crowns and bridges of up to three pontics for anterior and posterior areas.


The translucency is comparable to that of lithium disilicate. Thanks to the high transparency and integrated color gradient, the material is particularly recommended for the manufacture of unveneered restorations. There are a number of properties that give our multidisc, multicolor zirconia the advantage over other restorative materials such as:


  • Zirconium dioxide Type II, Class 4 (DIN EN ISO 6872)
  • Flexural strength > 650 MPa 
  • High translucency of 49%
  • Veneering possible with any ceramic mapped to the CTE of ZrO2
  • Cross-batch color fidelity

Why 5Y Zirconia Crowns?

All the properties that make our 5Y zirconia unique also make it an ideal material for dental crowns in the anterior region. For instance, monolithic anterior zirconia crowns require less tooth preparation (0.4mm in the anterior), exhibit higher flexural strength, and are more easily machined when compared to milled feldspathic or lithium disilicate materials. 


Durability and resistance to chipping, cracking, and fractures are the other primary reasons why dentists and dental technicians all across the globe have been incorporating high translucent zirconia crowns into their choice as a restorative material. 

The Clear (Translucent) Choice

No two smiles are created equal. Each one has different characteristics that require varying levels of translucency, chroma, and value. To perfectly match any patient’s distinct needs, we offer a variety of shades, heights, and values in our high-quality priti®multidisc, including:


  • Bleach, A, B, C, & D Shades
  • 14mm, 18mm, 20mm, & 25mm
  • Light & Dark Shades (ie. A Light for A1, A2 & A3, A Dark for A3.5 & A4)


Our priti®multidisc ZrO2 multicolor High Translucent discs are industrially pre-stained with homogenous shading in mind as well as excellent cross-batch color fidelity to help you save time, money, and ensuring that the same color can be reproduced at any time. Our extremely high standards for quality control and consistency ensure that our High Translucent multicolor multidiscs are a perfect option for just about every high aesthetic restorative application.


For more information on our priti®multidisc ZrO2 multicolor High Translucent discs and how they can benefit you, contact us today!