Achieve All 16 VITA Classical Colors With Ease Using Only 7 Color Variants

  • November 4, 2019
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Using Only 7 Color Variants

Looking for ways to preserve your inventory and save money on material costs? You can cover all 16 VITA Classical shades with only seven discs! Continue reading to learn how. 

priti®multidisc ZrO2

What is it?

priti® multidisc ZrO2 is our state-of-the-art zirconia CAD/CAM multicolor milling blank. It is now available in four different degrees of translucency, which are as follows:


  • Opaque (35% Translucency)


  • Translucent (40% Translucency)
  • Extra Translucent (45% Translucency)
  • High Translucent (49% Translucency)



Our High Translucent zirconia blanks offer a level of translucency that is comparable to what you might see in traditional glass ceramics such as lithium disilicate.

Why is it special?

With zirconia pre-shaded round blanks, you can save yourself a lot of time and effort. priti® multidisc ZrO2 is quick and easy to use, highly aesthetic, and can reproduce accurate shades at any time. Pre-colored materials do not require the time and effort of dipping, and drying restorations. German-engineered and made out of high-purity powder, you can expect exceptional milling results.

Reduce Costs by Preserving Inventory

With priti® multidisc ZrO2, you can save on material costs because you get a more versatile blank that is less susceptible to errors like chips, cracks, and miscoloring that can occur during the staining and milling process. Additionally, using pre-shaded sintering material protects from damage because acid-based liquid stains can emit harmful fumes while inside the sintering furnace. Contaminants from this process remain in the furnace and can cause undesirable results in future restorations as well as damage to the heating elements. 

Reduce Patient Chair Time

Less time and effort on your end means less chair-time for the patient receiving a restoration. With a sintering time of only four hours, you can expect fast turnover when you use priti® multidisc ZrO2 pre-shaded round blanks for dental restorations. The sintering process can begin promptly after milling is complete.

Learn More About priti® multidisc ZrO2

Are you interested in expediting your crown restoration process, reducing your material costs, and minimizing patient chair time? This article merely scratches the surface of this durable, versatile milling material. To learn more about priti® multidisc ZrO2 pre-shaded multicolor round blanks, contact pritidenta today!